Things took this slightly unexpected turn. It seemed like a small deviation at first; most of us hardly noticed. Surely that will be all, we thought. But events escalated quickly, trickling themselves into a stream, then a river, shattering their way through the known and the foreseen, steadily spinning out of control. And before we knew it, all hell broke loose.

Athens, 2020. All Hell Broke Loose is a collaboration between Leandros (cover and illustrations) and Antonis V. (photographs and text). Available through these outlets and others, to be published here shortly.


Jemma Press, Alkiviadou 138-140, Piraeus and

The Colleagues’ Publications, Kallidromiou 30, website

Comicstrip, Solonos 125 and

Politeia, Asklipiou 1-3 and

Tilt Comics, Asklipiou 37 and


Active Distribution

AK Press UK


Black Mosquito

This publication does not intend to make any profit. Any surplus generated through sales will go toward projects fighting patriarchy, sexism, racism, fascism, and all other misanthropic forces that have now broken loose.